Fruity Treats: Your Easy Guide to Five a Day

It’s “five a day” time: what’s on your plate? Do you find a creative way to include fresh fruit in your diet or do you struggle? Let’s take a look to the easiest ways to make fruit fun every day. Because according to studies, the fruit and vegetable consumption has…


7 Journey’s Highlights Wellness Treatments from Aegeo Spas

Aegeo Spas offers a wide range of signature spa packages, and some of them are designed to make your journeys as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Introducing 7 Journey’s Highlights wellness treatments that will make you feel like new no matter how far you’ve traveled. (more…)


Health Benefits of Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil massages are favored by Aegeo Spas guests for their proven benefits for the health of the skin as well as for wellbeing. (more…)

Thalasso by Aegeo Spas pool.

Flagship Wellness Destination: Thalasso by Aegeo Spas

Thalasso by Aegeo Spas is a unique wellness destination at the Club Magic Life Candia Maris Imperial. (more…)


Six Aegeo Spas Facials You Will Never Forget

A facial treatment is an ideal option to lower your stress levels, to exfoliate and moisturize your skin, all benefits that will, in turn, restore the natural glow on your face and improve your complexion. (more…)


Health Benefits You Gain Being by the Sea

Did you know that a visit to the beach is more than just a fun day out? Research shows that the sea has valuable health benefits for both body and mind. In the following article, you will learn why going to the beach is so good for you. (more…)