Chocolate Massage? Try the Choco Delight Symi by Aegeo Spas

We named the chocolate massage by Aegeo Spas “Symi” to honor a beautiful island in the Dodecanese. You can enjoy the Choco Delight Symi treatment in any Aegeo Spas: just choose it from our “Home Sweet Home” menu.

The Choco Delight Symi treatment by Aegeo Spas is a body massage based on chocolate. It’s great for all ages, and children love it. Chocolate massages have many benefits for your skin. Here are some of the top reasons to ask for a chocolate massage or body wrap next time you visit one of our Aegeo Spas.

Symi was the birthplace of the Charites, or the “Graces,” which are goddesses of beauty, fertility, and charm. Like all Greek destinations, this island is steeped in history and legend and offers sights of stupendous beauty. So our Choco Delight Symi massage celebrates these attributes while offering excellent benefits for your body and soul.

Chocolate, mixed with nourishing natural oils, produces a delightful effect on your skin. According to a statement by Ayurveda Pura co-founder, Dr. Deepa Apté cited by Business Insider UK.

“Dark chocolate has got the effects of being a very good antioxidant. Through that, it actually helps to strengthen the immune system and firm the skin. It also has an anti-aging property or quality, or even an anti-cellulite effect.”

Chocolate massages – chocolatherapy – are still one of the younger trends of the industry, yet, their benefits are recognized by many spagoers and experts around the world.

A great way to reduce stress

Chocolate is an instant mood-booster. While eating dark chocolate may help reduce the levels of hormones associated with stress – like cortisol and catecholamines – the mere aroma of chocolate as it’s applied to your skin increases theta brain waves that can help you relax and think happy thoughts.

The smell of chocolate may support weight loss

According to Dr. Bain cited by The Telegraph, the scent dark chocolate has appetite-suppressing properties that can help you lose weight. Smelling dark chocolate supports a decrease in the hunger hormone, ghrelin.

“This only applies to dark chocolate, as milk chocolate can often have the opposite effect.

It has anti-aging effects

Due to the antioxidant and anti-aging properties found in cocoa beans, chocolate massages have similar benefits on your skin: it hydrates the skin. On the other hand, the caffeine in chocolate stimulates circulation and improves blood flow.

Anti-cellulite qualities

A chocolate massage invigorates the skin and due to the theobromine content, it can help burn fat and fight cellulite.

Chocolate massages are great for every occasion and even if you don’t believe in the health benefits, try it out for fun. It is at least a feel-good experience you will never forget.