Thalasso by Aegeo Spas pool.

Flagship Wellness Destination: Thalasso by Aegeo Spas

Thalasso by Aegeo Spas is a unique wellness destination at the Club Magic Life Candia Maris Imperial.

If any spa can be truly defined as an oasis of wellness, Thalasso by Aegeo Spas is IT. It’s a beautiful space, dominated by calming hues of blue and designed to relax. In fact, the purpose of the spa is to “relax, revitalize, and refresh your mind and body,” and they more than deliver on that promise.

Of course, the main attraction of this spa is the thalassotherapy pool with 14 hydromassage nozzles, which is filled with seawater. Several studies indicate that thalassotherapy can alleviate chronic fatigue and back pain, and it can also improve the health of your skin, being used efficiently against eczema and psoriasis. Besides muscle toning and skin cleansing benefits that you enjoy with the thalassotherapy pool, the royal hammam with its sea-mud treatments is also a must for silky and healthy skin.

The Caldarium and Frigidarium are next in your Thalasso by Aegeo Spas journey. The temperature contrast between the two – hot and cold – will boost your metabolism, giving you a sense of freshness and reinvigoration.

Thalasso by Aegeo Spas

Thalasso by Aegeo Spas offers a variety of services too – from facials, to body wraps, massages, hair removal, and even personal training. Check out the beauty treatments too. Plus, an on-site dietitian will offer the professional advice you need to start eating and living healthier right now – only recommending what’s good for your body.

Last, but not least, at Thalasso by Aegeo Spas you can join a gym club, which offers different programs: aqua tone, spinning, Pilates, yoga, slimming, step, aerobics, Thai step, and much more. Outside, they have two small soccer courts and a tennis court – all, always in high demand.

With more than 60 different massage therapies, Thalasso by Aegeo Spas offers the most complete wellness experience in Crete.