Top Five Benefits of a Body Scrub

“Relax your spirit and indulge yourself in the power of human touch.”

Body scrubs are among the most popular spa treatments, and Aegeo Spas offer a wide range of specialized treatments designed for your wellbeing. You can ask for a signature Aegeo Spas body scrub at any destination and spa partner in our extensive network – for example, our Aegeo Ritual Rhodes. A full body scrub with lavender prepares your skin for the beneficial elements of the Aegeo Spa body mask. A bespoke massage with blended oils follows the scrub.

Fortunately, body scrubs have several benefits that make them necessary and popular with many spa-goers.


Your skin makes up about 16 percent of your body weight. During any normal day, you will shed about a million skin cells. A healthy body produces a new epidermis every 30 days. The main purpose of a body scrub is to aid your body shed dead skin cells through exfoliation. The process removes the layers of dead skin revealing the healthy, soft, and glowing skin below.

Reduce blemishes or redness

Exfoliation through body scrubs can also reduce blemishes, the appearance of redness, age spots, and dark spots. Because scrubs remove layers of dead skin cells, they can also aid in reducing stretch marks and cellulite. Body scrubs can also help reduce the number of ingrown hairs on your legs and body.


Because they are performed pretty much like a massage, with the therapist gently rubbing your body with the exfoliant, a body scrub will also help you relax. Many scrubs are enriched with essential oils – like our Aegeo Ritual Rhodes body scrub with lavender – that help you relax too.

Open your skin pores to better absorb moisture

Many body scrubs are enriched with a moisturizing ingredient (like olive oil), while others just prepare your skin for a well deserved, pampering, body mask rich in nutrients. Moisturizing after a body scrub will improve the softness and elasticity of your skin.

Boost self confidence

Body scrubs leave your skin looking healthier and younger. After a scrub, you will enjoy smoother, glowing skin, which, in turn, may result in a boost of your confidence.