Soaking in Luxury at Aegeo Spas

“Rest and your energy will be restored.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Aegeo Spas are sanctuaries for the body and the soul. A few peaceful moments with us and you will feel happy, calm, and full of renewed energy.

Here are the top reasons why soaking in luxury at Aegeo Spas should be on your agenda right now.

Everything Is Calibrated to Relax

Travelling can be stressful, but with Aegeo Spas your worries and anxieties fade away like magic because all our treatments are designed to help you relax – body and mind. We have a range of therapies of deep resonance, including signature facials, body treatments, and massages that will make you feel like a legendary Greek goddess or god. All your cares and distractions will gently melt away, enabling you to reach a state of complete relaxation. Plus, with our head-to-toe Cretan massage based on olive oil, you will truly enjoy the ancient techniques that pampered the rich and famous on this island way back when the Olympian gods ruled Ancient Greece.

Aegeo Spas

A deep head-to-toe massage based on Cretan olive oil, orange distillates and raki. Travel back in time through the ancient techniques used to achieve rejuvenation and balancing of body and soul.

Destination Spas

Most of the spas that represent Aegeo concepts are destinations that enjoy incredible locations. Luxurious facilities and modern amenities, alongside our well-developed signature treatments, will make your Aegeo Spa experience more than glamorous.

massage Aegeo Spa

Massage bliss at Electra Metropolis Athens

eυεξία, ευζωία, ευτυχία

The Greek words eυεξία, ευζωία and ευτυχία – meaning wellness, wellbeing, and happiness – are at the foundation of the Aegeo Spa concept. These are the three spa attributes that will lure you in to stay awhile and drift away while time heals and replenishes your inner strength. With this philosophy, we invite you to escape the ordinary, restore soul balance, and reinvigorate your body.

Aegeo Spa at Ramada Poseidon Loutraki Resort

Aegeo Spa at Ramada Poseidon Loutraki Resort

If what you need is a total overhaul, you can opt for one of the more in-depth spa packages designed by Aegeo Spas at any hotel and resort that offers our treatments. For example, our “Ultimate Journey,” is a heavenly anti-stress face and body experience.

Aromatic oils dance across the skin in a symphony of texture and scents, soothing and polishing your body from top to toes. This synergy continues with a blissful, nurturing massage therapy enriched with pomegranate oil. The ritual concludes with a perfect care for eyes and lips.

You can find all available Aegeo Spa treatments in this PDF brochure.